Shiny is an open source R package that provides an elegant and powerful web framework for building web applications using R. Shiny helps you turn your analyses into interactive web applications without requiring HTML, CSS, or JavaScript knowledge. We are able to develop custom Shiny Apps for your business or research needs, and host them on RStudio Connect. RStudio Connect is a publishing platform for R users to share R programs with anyone, including plots, reports, dashboards, notebooks, documents, and interactive web applications. It is installed on a Linux server. RStudio IDE users can publish their work to RStudio Connect from within their IDE. Anyone with access to RStudio Connect and the right permissions can use the work RStudio IDE users have shared with them. Check out these interactive examples at RStudio.

Click Here for an Example Shiny App - Business Dashboard

This simple app allows business metrics to be available for visualization. Email, messaging, and project status updates can be incorporated in an aumtomated fashion. The tool is a low cost and highly customizable solution, which allows small businesses to focus on what is really important.

Click Here for an Example Shiny App - Likert Data Analysis

This simple app uses data from an online data source, which is described in this blog. The purpose is to illustrate the ability to pull data, and analyze the data in an interactive web-based application, such as Shiny. The clean option allows the removal of outliers, in scores, elapsed time, other than male or female, etc. Outliers really skew the data and prevent you from seeing the real informative results. You can select any one of the specific questions from the survey in the drop-down box to visualize the descriptive statistics also. As the MACH2 survey (or your business survey results…) grow, the analysis is automatically updated in the app. Shiny is highly customizable and user friendly. We can work with you to establish the tools you need in research or business to be data informed.